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Invest in your future and learn how to drive the right way the first time around! As Google's #1 Rated Driving School in Miami Dade and Broward County, with over 700 5- Star reviews, we take pride in teaching all of our students the essential driving skills for a lifetime of safety behind the wheel. 

Choosing the right Driving Instructor is essential in today's world. Our Instructors are young, compassionate, and very understanding with our students. The skills we teach them are going to be carried with our students throughout their entire life & passed down to their children. We don't just teach our students "How to drive", we make sure they know how to plan for the unexpected, how to react to other drivers, finding "an out" to avoid an accident, and everything else it takes to be a Defensive Driver here in South Florida.

Once you have completed the Driving Lessons, you can also take the Driving Exam in the vehicle you practiced in. Experience the difference with the best in South Florida for over 15 years! Make sure to check out our 100% Feedback Rating on Google and on Facebook.

Over 700 5- Star Reviews on Google

EZ Progress Report Given To Parents/ Students 

English Speaking Instructors Always Available

100% Positive Feedback Online From Parents

Classes Available 7 Days a week!

State Certified Instructors With Background Checks 

Feedback Given During The Entire Ride

Pick Up & Drop Off at Your Location

New Vehicles With Dual Brakes and Reverse Cameras 

We Pay for Tolls During All Highway Lessons

Premium Service: We Are The "Equinox" of Driving Schools

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Our Packages are as Follows:
Bronze Package - 2 Hours of on the road training (Review of exam, refresher, highway)

This is usually to evaluate the student to see how many lessons they will need. This package also serves for students who have experience but would like to practice on the highway, have taken some time off driving and would like a refresher course or to practice what is on the Driving Exam before they take it at our location.

Silver Package - 6 Hours of on the road training (Experienced drivers that lack confidence on the road))

A great option for students with several hours of driving experience and dealing with South Florida traffic and it's congested roads. The student should know the basics of turning left and right, switching lanes, U-Turns etc. but is looking to gain more confidence on the road and highways while we also prepare them for the Driving Exam. 

(Silver Package is The Most Popular Package For Parents That Feel Their Child Lacks Confidence! We'll Focus on U-Turns, Highway, Defensive Driving, Merging And Avoiding Accidents!)

Gold Package - 12 Hours of on the road training (Beginner drivers who have been around their community)

A good option for students with some experience. The students has driven a few times to Publix, school,work etc. but is still lacking confidence in heavy traffic. We will make sure the student understands how to merge, switching lanes, highway driving, accident avoidance, and everything that is required to make sure they are a safe driver on the road. 

Platinum Package - 20 Hours of on the road training (New drivers with little to no experience)

A great option for students who are nervous or have little to no experience behind the wheel. These students typically have driven for a few hours in residential areas or in parking lots but still haven't practice any switching lanes or turning left on main roads while traffic is crossing. We will make sure to teach you everything you need to know to drive safely in South Florida.