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There is a 3 step process to get your Drivers License in Florida & we do all three! Skip the long lines and come take your Driving Exam in a stress free environment!
Step 1: Pass the Drug and Alcohol Course

The Drug and Alcohol Course at our locations include a review that will help prepare you for the Restricted License Exam.

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Step 2: Restricted License Exam/ Learners Permit Exam
We help prepare you for this 50 question exam and go over everything you can expect on the exam. 75% of people that take the exam without our review fail the first time around.
Step 3: Drivers License Exam 
In order to take the Drivers License Exam, you must have had your Learners Permit for at least one year or be over 18 years old and have your Learners Permit License. If you know how to drive but would like a review of what is on the exam, we offer a review and pre-test. We offer exams daily and for most exams, no appointment is necessary. 

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